History of the School

Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy (SMLCA) began as a dream in the
mind of Micah Gaudio. In addition, Radford Baptist church and Pastor Nick
Schaffer longed to have a Christian school at the lake. The original board led by
Gary Feazell as president met for a year planning the foundational elements of the
school. Other original board members included Micah Gaudio (Vice President),
Jessica Morgan (Secretary), Karl Vandegriff (Treasurer), Sharon Sicher, and
Maggie Gray. With facility support from Halesford Baptist, SMLCA opened
their doors to the first group of students in August of 2008 with Deke Andrews
selected as the first Head of School. Their mission was to develop the four parts
of man: heart, soul, mind and strength for God. We will be eternally indebted to
our founders for their passion, energy, and financial commitment to make
SMLCA possible. Everything we do is built upon the foundation they laid for us.
First Day of School 2015
In the summer of 2015, Eastlake Community Church assumed leadership of
SMLCA and engaged with Renewanation and their Christian School
Revitalization program to help strengthen and grow the school. Administrator
Lincoln Bryan was appointed to lead the school through the transition as multiple
focus areas were identified for improvement. Key themes during the transition
included stronger biblical worldview alignment with curriculum and staffing,
greater opportunities in athletics and the arts, and developing a sustainable
financial model. As of September 2017, enrollment had grown to 198 students
across 2 campuses with a passion to be “The School of Choice in the Smith
Mountain Lake” region.