The Arts Program

Wet clay pots drying on shelves, color splattered palettes filling the deep sink, bottles of crackled glaze waiting to be opened, rolls of canvas begging to be stretched, and sketch books littering the tables.  Art class! Some of my best memories of being a student happened within that basement art class. I loved getting the opportunity to envision something and see it materialize on my own paper, my own canvas.  Being able to explore color, different medium, and create our own art was very freeing and hopeful.  Painting was my favorite art activity.  I loved vivid colors, thick paint, and large brush strokes. Some activities were very challenging for me.  Especially calligraphy!  No matter the project all that mattered was that we try and be open to learning something new. I think every student can find some area of art that suits them and is enjoyable.

I believe that every person and child can learn to draw! It takes instruction and lots of practice.  I want all students to learn to draw well.  It’s the foundation to build other skills upon. We will be doing lots of practice this year simply drawing. Whenever free time happens students will draw from the large doodle stack.  They really enjoy this activity. I want each student to know they can draw and be confident of this skill.

I think learning the elements of art and the principles of design are important to creating successful compositions.  We will spend all year/ semester studying these and then incorporating them in our artwork.

As a student, I enjoyed listening to art history lessons and turning the pages of art history books looking at the myriad of art in clay, marble, prints, mosaics, reliefs, canvas, murals, etc. I hope to expose students to a wide variety of styles and time periods of art history.  We will do artist inspired art throughout the year.

Here at SMLCA we think every person makes art with their lives no matter what career they choose.  Art class helps spark the imaginative creativity already there and bring it to the surface. I hope each student is enthusiastic about coming to art class to learn new skills, new ideas, appreciate beautiful art work, and find new ways to express themselves.

At the conclusion of the school year we will have a gallery of some student art work coinciding with the spring concert. I look forward to your students bringing their artwork home and explaining their projects to you.  They put much time and thought into their work.  

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of creating art with your child.

Somer Floyd

The Music Program
The SMLCA music department is a very vibrant, joyful, and “upbeat” part of our school.  If you were to walk down our halls, you would hear the exuberant sounds of our students singing, clapping, and worshiping Jesus together.  We believe every student should have the opportunity to learn how to read music, sing correctly, and receive “hands-on” experience of playing instruments.  We want to equip and inspire the next generation of worship leaders, musicians, and worship participators by actively engaging them in positive musical experiences and giving them the tools to grow in their musical skills.  This year we have expanded our music program to all grade levels (including high school) and are continuing to grow and develop.  Miss Jessica is extremely passionate about what she teaches and has many goals and plans for the future of SMLCA Arts Department.