Dear Prospective Family:

Thank you for your interest in Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy (SMLCA).  Our doors opened in 2008 and we have been blessed with steady growth since our inception.  We were very excited to have our first graduating class in May of 2015.

Our goal is to offer the communities at Smith Mountain Lake education options that provide academic excellence with a Christian Worldview.  Our academics incorporate tools, methods, and techniques to grow students spiritually, mentally, and physically.  All subjects, in all grades, are taught from a Biblical perspective with mastery as part of our focus.  In order to measure mastery, our students take standardized tests toward the end of each academic year to gage progress and we have 75% of our students testing at or above grade level.

SMLCA began a Pre-K program for 4 year olds in 2010, and it has now been expanded to include 2 and 3 year olds.  We are blessed to have incredible teachers who channel their energy and keep them busy while working to introduce them to a school setting.  This program is academically challenging and incorporates both structured academic and center based play for learning.  Our goal is to generate students with a love for learning who are ready to tackle all that kindergarten has to offer.

Spanish is also being taught starting with Pre K.  We are excited as we feel this helps to place the students ahead.

To support our students in good health, Physical Education (PE) is part of their week.  Upper and Lower school have physical educational classes each week.  In addition to PE, we offer a Middle School Boys and Girls Basketball team, along with a Junior Varsity Boys Basketball team. These activities also promote team building and good sportsmanship, all while sharing our faith and trust in God.

Experiencing life is another facet of our curriculum at SMLCA.  Experimental or exploratory learning is provided through a variety of activities to include field trips and community service outreaches.  Our students make regular visits to a local retirement community, participate in local outreach programs, and support a variety of initiatives such as national school choice week.

If you would like more information about Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy, please contact the lower office at (540) 719-1192 or the upper school office at (540) 296-3201.


Lincoln Bryan, Administrator